Design ethnographic living labs for future urban mobility – a human approach (AHA II)

AHA II is an innovation and research project that aims to contribute to the development of Drive Sweden’s new strategic themes Society Planning and Public Engagement, as well as involving and engaging the public in developing the next generation of mobility in the smarter cities of the future.

“The AHA II project is creating a highly effective interaction of the Living Lab concept in order to develop new knowledge about and approaches to future smart urban mobility services. Its focus on interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaboration is a remarkable step forward. I am delighted that ETLab is participating in this new stage of collaboration of collaboration with our Swedish partners from Halmstad University, Gothenburg and Helsingborg Cities and Volvo Cars”

Professor Sarah Pink, Director- Emerging Technologies Research Lab

The AHA II project has been made possible by two of the key successful outcomes of the Co-designing future smart urban mobility services—a human approach AHA project  (2018-2019) which has:

1. Demonstrated the validity of a human-centred approach to creating Sustainable City Mobility Services, and also

2. Created a new methodology through which city planners, industry partners and university stakeholders have been able to successfully collaborate to create effective and aligned solutions that fit the different partner’s needs

The new approach to collaboration established in the AHA project has enabled us to map out a practical method for now bringing together these stakeholders with citizens, communities and public transport in order to create mobility services in everyday life ‘Living Lab’ scenarios.

The purpose of the project is, based on people's everyday lives in so-called Living Labs in specific districts of Helsingborg and Gothenburg, to prototype future mobility services that are integrated into urban planning for door-to-door transport of people and goods.

Key investigators

Vaike Fors (Halmstad University), Sarah Pink (Monash University), Jesper Lund (Halmstad University), Rachel Charlotte Smith (Aarhus University), Robert Brostrom, Annie Rydstrom (Volvo Cars).


Co-designing future smart urban mobility services—a human approach AHA project