Welcome to our new adjunct vaike fors

Welcome to our latest Adjunct, Associate Professor Vaike Fors who was appointed through Monash University's Faculty of Information Technology late in 2019.

Vaike Fors is Associate Professor in pedagogy and is based in the School of Information Technology at Halmstad University. She was appointed as an  Adjunct Associate Professor in the Monash Faculty of Information Technology in December 2019.

Vaike's research focuses on emerging technologies from the perspective of learning theory, design anthropology and ethnography, and she has extensive research experiences of studying how people learn with emerging technologies in their everyday lives. Her recent projects have focused on self-tracking technologies, autonomous driving vehicles, and Mobility as a Service, and she is the main supervisor for industry PhD students who work for Volvo Cars.

Her work creates interdisciplinary connections across social science, humanities and design research, and she has led numerous international projects that straddle academia, industry and the public sector. Through these projects she has gained rich experiences of tailoring interdisciplinary collaborative research methods, which has become an area of expertise and research focus in her recent work.

Her work has both academic and applied impact, working with industry and government stakeholders. In Sweden, she holds a position by nomination in the governmentally funded program office of the  national strategic innovation program; Drive Sweden, where she leads the thematic area 'Public Engagement'. In this position she has become a well-known advocate for human-centred perspectives in the development of future mobility systems in academic, applied and  public contexts. New books include Theoretical Scholarship and Applied Practice (Berghahn Books, 2017), and Imagining Personal Data. Experiences of Self-Tracking (Bloomsbury Academic Publishers, 2020).