Yolande Strengers joined a panel discussion at the ECA foresighting forum (SYD)

On the 19 and 20th February, A/Prof Yolande Strengers was involved in a panel discussion on 'Change and Trust—the new energy compact' at the Energy Consumers Australia Foresighting Forum in Sydney.

The event featured a scenario planning exercise where leading minds in the sector explored four future scenarios for energy in Australia. Scenario planning is a foresight methodology to challenge our assumptions about what’s coming next.

Attendees were able to follow the following sessions over the two days: Consumers today and tomorrow, Leaders’ Plenary Session — The Energy Charter, Transition Design,  Conversation on new thinking, The possibilities of tomorrow — heat, light and power in 2050, Change and Trust - the new energy compact (read the full program here).

For Yolande, to build trust several key ingredients are needed:

  1. Create a shared vision (imaginary) with genuine conversation
  2. Partner with health, emergency services, housing and consumer tech sectors (e.g. around issues of staying cool on heat days).
  3. Think beyond the market (and energy consumers) to prioritise other relationships with energy (as a common good, shared resource, community asset).
  4. Consider how digital and energy services are converging to change expectations of reliability, flexibility and trust.
  5. Put pets at the centre.

For more on these ideas, view Yolande's presentation and refer to her research on Future Grid Homes and Digital Energy Futures.