Guest Dr Kamila Moulaî joins ETLab

Dr. Kamila Moulaï is a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University, the Netherlands). She earned her Ph.D. in management sciences from UCLouvain (Belgium). Kamila investigates how artificial intelligence and automation reconfigure identity processes, especially in work contexts.

Dr. Moulaï is interested in understanding how workers' lived experiences evolve in a changing world of work and how these changes affect and interact with human identity processes.

Dr. Moulaï is a fellow of the Howard Brain Science Foundation. She enjoys bringing interdisciplinary approaches to better capture human "internal" dialogues, the conscious and the subconscious, and how these are expressed in social interactions. Building on management, sociology, philosophy, and communication, she aims at interpreting nuanced perspectives crystalised in human workers' actions and decisions in technology-driven contexts.

Dr. Moulaï is Visiting Scholar in April-June with Sarah Pink at the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, Monash University, working on the AUTOWORK project.

More info about Dr. Moulaï can be found on her website: