Watch: digital energy futures x ECA

Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) recently filmed researchers from the ETLab, to discuss the Digital Energy Futures project and how emerging technologies might impact household electricity demand.

Digital Energy Futures is a world-first project that builds new knowledge about how people are using emerging energy technologies now and in the future.

Energy Consumers Australia, Ausgrid and AusNet Services are key industry partners for this ARC funded project which strives to understand and forecast changing digital lifestyle trends and their impact on future household electricity demand.

Dr Kari Dahlgren from the Emerging Technology Research Lab was interviewed about industry predicted scenarios and the team’s innovative way of representing six industry predicted future scenarios:

“We wanted to use comic strips as a way of representing these futures because they really helped to express how these industry predictions about the future actually have implications in the home.”

Dr Kari Dahlgren

These scenarios are detailed in full within the Digital Energy Futures: June 2020 Report.

In the video, Professor Sarah Pink explains the methodology behind the ethnographic research and how subsequent research stages will respond to the implications of the industry predictions and bring the energy industry visions together.

Watch the full video here.

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