ETLab film to premier at mimesis documentary festival

Smart Home for Seniors, directed by Sarah Pink, will premier at the Mimesis Documentary Film Festival in Colorado.

Smart Homes for Seniors joins a group of elders in regional Australia on their 6-month journey of living with smart home technologies, in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film shares the joys, frustration and wisdom of Edna and Bob, Beryl and David, Hilda and Owen, Shirley and John, Helen and Ken and Robert as they and their pets learned to live with digital voice assistants, smart lights, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

The voices of seniors need to be accounted for when designing the technology and services which will support older generations to stay safe, independent and active at home. Smart Homes for Seniors brings their priorities, needs and experiences into view.

Screening on the 5th and 6th of August as part of the Fire Together event, the film has been included in a collection of shorts that give “a glimpse of the human brain in the midst of its plastic change”.

Learn more about the Mimesis Documentary Festival here.

Smart Homes for Seniors was based on the Intelligent Home Solutions project through a collaboration between the Emerging Technologies Lab at Monash University and partners McLean Care and Deakin University.

Director: Sarah Pink
Producer: Citt Williams
Film development team: Melisa Duque, Yolande StrengersFull project team: Mrs Sue Thomson (McLean Care), Dr Melisa Duque (Monash), Dr Larissa Nicholls (Monash), Associate Professor Ben Horan (Deakin), Dr Michael Mortimer (Deakin), Mr Rex Martin (Monash), Associate Professor Yolande Strengers (Monash), Professor Sarah Pink (Monash), Mrs Alicia Eugene (Harvest).