Public talk with Jathan Sadowski

'Tearing Down, Building Up: Or, How to Deconstruct and Democratise Innovation'. Presented by Monash University's School of Media, Film and Journalism.

The smart society is founded on a simplistic sales pitch: in return for integrating a vast array of data-driven, network-connected, automated tech in our lives, we are offered a number of new upgrades and capabilities at every scale, in every space. Rather than lay out in great detail the operations and implications of smart workplaces, smart homes, smart cities, smart whatever, in this talk I offer a case for disavowing smart as a paradigm—and what we must do to replace it. I argue for a double move of deconstructing the extant material foundations of (digital) capitalism so that we can then create a just alternative in its place.

Event Details:

Monday 19 October, 5pm
Free & online

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