Learning Capture and Echo360

What is Learning capture/ Echo360?

The Echo360 Learning Capture Platform is used to record lectures at Monash. It is integrated with Moodle and Syllabus+.

Timetabled activities of the type Lectures, Lectorials and Seminars are recorded automatically. You may also request any other activity type to be recorded in any room with recording capabilities by contacting Service Desk Online.


  • A recording will begin four minutes after the scheduled lecture start time in order to allow previous recordings to upload.
  • Recordings will begin at the scheduled time regardless of whether the radio microphone or theatre PC are switched on.
  • By default, Learning Capture records audio, usually from the room microphones and visual content, usually displayed on the lectern PC.
  • Recordings become available between 30 minutes and two hours after a lecture completes, and the media files have been processed. Processing time depends on the duration of the recording.
  • As lecture content can change between years, Learning Capture does not provide student access to past years' recordings unless requested by academic staff.
  • Recordings will be retained for two years, after which time they will be deleted. We also recommend downloading your lecture recordings for your own archives.