Deferred assessments

If your application for special consideration is successful, you may be granted a deferred final assessment.

Deferred assessments are final assessments (including exams) that are postponed to a later date. They're held during the official deferred assessment period, unless your faculty emails you with an alternative date. In this case, they'll give you at least five University working days’ notice of the date and time.

If you’re granted a deferred assessment, your unit grade will be DEF (deferred assessment). It’s your responsibility to be available to sit a deferred assessment at the scheduled time.

For details on eligibility and how to apply, see special consideration.

How this affects your results

Until you complete your deferred assessment, you’ll have an interim result. An incomplete result means you haven’t satisfied the requirements of the unit and could be prevented from enrolling in some units. If you’re unable to enrol in a unit, contact Monash Connect.

The result of your deferred assessment will be final.

Rescheduling a deferred assessment

If you’ve been granted a deferred assessment, you can apply to reschedule it only once, and only if one of the these circumstances applies:

  • you have registered an ongoing disability with Monash Disability Support Services, which has directly prevented you from completing the deferred assessment
  • the circumstances for which you were granted a deferred assessment are unresolved
  • it's been determined that exceptional circumstances exist.

How to apply

  1. Complete a Deferred Final Assessment Application (pdf, 0.06 mb).
  2. Attach evidence of your circumstances and supporting documents.
  3. Email your application and documents to within two working days from the date of your deferred assessment.

A rescheduled deferred assessment must occur within 12 months of the end of the original final assessment period.

Supporting documents

Find out what you need to provide in supporting documents.

Getting support

If you need support with this process, contact your disability support adviser or student rights advocate.

Accepting a rescheduled deferred final assessment

When accepting a rescheduled deferred assessment, conditions may be placed on your enrolment. This may include:

  • a limit to the credit points you can enrol in for a specific teaching period
  • mandatory enrolment in specific units
  • a requirement to successfully pass specific units or a number of credit points.

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