Hire a student tutor

Our students can tutor many subjects at all year levels throughout Melbourne.

To find a student tutor, you can place a free advertisement on Career Gateway our online job system. We will then post your wanted ad on our online job board, so Monash students can contact you directly to apply as a tutor.

Fees may apply to third-party recruiters, or if we advertise on your behalf. For details, see terms and conditions.

How to place an advertisement

If this is your first time using Career Gateway, you need to register as an individual. If you are already registered, simply login to Career Gateway.

Once you are logged in, click Add a new Position in the left hand menu and follow the prompts to create your advertisement. We will check your advertisement and once approved, your job will be advertised in Career Gateway. Students will contact you directly about the position.

Hourly pay rates

Hourly pay rates for undergraduate and graduate students and the payment tiers for each student level of study.
Tutor level of studyStudent level of study
 Prep to year 10 Years 11 and 12 Tertiary
Undergraduate $24.36 $30 $30-35
Graduate $29.36 $35 $35-40

Group tutoring

  • One and a half (1.5) times the pay rate for two people.
  • Twice the pay rate for three people or more.

Travel costs

Student tutors can charge 60¢ per km for round trips over 20km.

If your child is under 18

You should ask your tutor for a current Working with Children Check.