What is an encumbrance?

An encumbrance is a block placed on your account that stops you from accessing various University services. This usually happens if you have unpaid fees or fines, or you’ve failed to provide enrolment documentation. If you’re encumbered, you won’t be able to access your results, the library, or other essential services until the encumbrance is removed.

Reasons for an encumbrance

Reasons for an encumbrance include:

  • incomplete enrolment documentation, including failure to provide your Tax File Number within the required time when applying for a HELP loan
  • overdue fees, including SSAF
  • incomplete compulsory module (e.g. Respect at Monash)
  • overdue student loans
  • non-payment of other study costs incurred as part of your study
  • late enrolment fee or other fines
  • unpaid library fines
  • unpaid halls of residence fees.

How to get an encumbrance removed

To get an encumbrance removed, you’ll need to resolve the problem that led to the block being placed on your account (e.g. by paying unpaid fees or fines).

If you’re encumbered, we’ll email your Monash account with details and instructions on how to get the encumbrance removed.

Check whether you’re encumbered

You can check whether you’re encumbered through Chat 365 – it only takes a moment, but you’ll need to log in with your Monash student account first.

Encumbrance check

Paying overdue fees and fines

For information on overdue fees and fines, see:

Completing a compulsory module

If you’ve been encumbered because you haven’t completed a compulsory module (such as Respect at Monash), complete the module and allow a few hours for your access to be restored to all systems. Contact us for assistance if you're having trouble with the Compulsory Units Portal (CUP).

Invalidated (cancelled) enrolment

If you have debts that remain unpaid (and you don’t contact us to arrange to pay them) or you haven’t supplied documentation that we requested, your enrolment will be invalidated (cancelled).

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