Student ID cards

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M-Pass ID card

M-Pass is your student ID card, which is also linked to an online account, so you can use it to:

  • add credit to pay for printing, copying and library fines (the library no longer accepts cash)
  • borrow books etc. from the library
  • access secure buildings
  • identify yourself on campus and at exams.

How does it work?

  • Get a new card or replacement card by visiting one of our Monash Connect locations on your campus.
  • Add credit to your account online. Family members or other people can also add credit to your account using make a sponsor deposit.
  • Tap your M-Pass on any printer in the libraries or student computer labs to print or copy (alternatively enter your username and password).
  • View your transaction history and manage your account online.

If you haven't received your new M-Pass by now, contact Monash Connect online or visit one or our Monash Connect locations.

Help using your M-Pass

Taking intermission: Suspend your M-Pass

If you're going on study leave (intermission) or studying overseas for a while, you should suspend your M-Pass. Use the M-Pass enquiry form to make a general enquiry and provide the start and end  date of the suspension period.

How to get your M-Pass or a replacement

When you enrol, you'll need to have enrolled in units in the Web Enrolment System (WES), and received a transaction number beginning with U before you can get an ID card. These can be ordered online or at Monash Connect (see below).

Order online and provide your own photo

  • Login to the Web Enrolment System
  • In the Student Services section, click Submit your photo for an ID Card
  • Follow the instructions (you'll need to scan and send proof of ID)
  • Choose to have your card posted to you or nominate a campus to pick up your card.

Order at Monash Connect and we'll take your photo

Alternatively, we can take your photo and print your ID card on the spot. Simply bring photo ID and your U transaction number to Monash Connect on your campus after enrolling in units.

Returning students with an expired card

If your ID card has expired, bring it to Monash Connect for a free replacement or follow the steps above to order online.

Lost, damaged or stolen cards

If you have lost or damaged your card, you can get a new one from Monash Connect for a fee. You'll need to bring photo ID, such as a driver's licence or passport.

If your card is stolen, we'll replace it for free if you provide a police report.

Deactivate a lost or stolen card

You should deactivate your card immediately, to prevent anyone else using it. To do this, login to your M-Pass account to deactivate your account by selecting the Card Services menu at the top.

When you deactivate your account:

  • payments from you card are immediately suspended
  • building access is deactivated overnight. If you have access to highly secure buildings, please contact Security 9902 7777 to deactivate your access immediately
  • the library is notified about a lost card when a replacement card is issued by Monash Connect. To prevent unauthorised borrowing in the meantime, report it to any library branch in person, or call 9905 5054.

Reactivate a replacement card

You’ll need to reactivate your account online if you:

  • find your card
  • get a new card.

ID cards are valid for the duration of your course (with a maximum of five years). They remain the property of the University and are not transferable.

Got a question? Monash Connect can help