Change units - WES access dates

From the time you enrol or re-enrol, you can use the Web Enrolment System (WES) to add or discontinue units until the cut-off dates below.

Change units On-campus Off-campus
Add units 15 March 1 March
Discontinue units 6 May6 May
Change unitsOn-campusOff-campus
Add units 9 August 26 July
Discontinue units 30 September 30 September

Other teaching periods

You can add or discontinue most units using WES, however some units require you to discontinue in writing. Contact your faculty about this.

Discontinuation penalties

You can still discontinue after these dates by using an enrolment amendment form. You can get this from your faculty. Academic and financial penalties may apply. For more information on penalties and dates, see add or discontinue units.

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