Late or failure to re-enrol

Late re-enrolment

If you miss the timely re-enrolment dates, you can re-enrol during the late re-enrolment period:

  • 27 November 2021 onwards
  • a late fee applies
  • you will not lose your place in your course if you re-enrol by the late period deadline
  • use the Web Enrolment System (WES) to re-enrol.

Check miscellaneous fees for the late fee. This is due with your semester one fees the following academic year.

Failure to re-enrol

If you fail to re-enrol by the end of the late re-enrolment period, you are no longer considered a student by the University. You have given up your place in the course and will need to approach your managing faculty to see if you can regain your place. Do this by submitting a late re-enrolment application form (pdf, 0.12 mb) to your faculty office.

If your faculty agrees to re-enrol you, a late enrolment fee will be charged.

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