Photographing your exam space

Before you start your exam, your supervisor will ask you to photograph your exam room using your smartphone. This only applies if you’re taking your eExam from home. This is just to make sure your room is set up correctly (see setting up your eExam space).

You’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. When prompted by your online supervisor, scan the QR code that appears on your screen, using your smartphone.
  2. Tap the link that appears on your phone – this will take you to a secure Monash-developed web app, which you’ll use to take the photos.
  3. When prompted, give the web app access to your phone to continue (if you’re using an iPhone, you'll also need to provide Motion and Orientation permissions). If, after tapping Allow Permissions, you see a blank screen, go back to the previous screen and tap Allow Permissions again. Your supervisor won’t be able to see the photos you’re taking during your room scan.
  4. Start taking photos of your exam room.

How to take the photos

Think of your room as divided into eight sides. Using your smartphone in landscape mode, stand in the centre of the room. The web app will step you through the process, automatically taking photos of each side at three different angles, for a total of 24 photos (you don’t need to touch your smartphone screen). Your supervisor will also be there to guide you. Once you’ve taken all the photos, you’ll be prompted to upload them.

For more information, take a look at our graphic: Photographing Your Exam Room (pdf, 7.84 mb). You should also check our device and system specifications page for mobile device and browser requirements.

Practise photographing your exam room

Take a test drive on a practice version of our web app. With the practice version, you can take photos but there’s no upload function (so there’s no data transfer to Monash or elsewhere).

Scan the QR code to begin:

Scan this QR code to test out the room photography practice version

How we store the photos

The photos will be encrypted and stored securely within Monash infrastructure, along with the other data collected as part of your online exam (no data will be stored on your phone). Only authorised staff can access the photos, and only for the purpose of investigating academic integrity matters.

For more information, see privacy and security.

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