Your results - when and how

How to access your results

Results by SMS

You can register to receive your results early, for semesters one and two, by SMS on your mobile phone.
Login to to register.

Results in the Web Enrolment System (WES)

You can access and print your previous results anytime in the Web Enrolment System (WES).

  1. Login to WES using your Monash account username and password.
  2. In the Course Progression menu, click Results/Unofficial academic record.

If you need help with unexpected results, see the related links section at bottom of this page.

Release dates

Semester one and two results will be available from midday on the release date.

On the relevant release date in the table below, results times for other teaching periods are:

  • Monash Online courses from 4pm
  • all other teaching periods are available from 9am.
Teaching period Code for teaching period Release date
Trimester 3 (2017 Law UG) T3-58 8 January
Research Q4 (2017) RQ4 31 January
Deferred/supplementary for semester two   16 February
Term 4 T4-57 26 February
Summer semester A (2017) SSA-02 26 February
Summer semester B (2018) SSB-01 26 February
Trimester C TRI-C-29 28 February
Monash online teaching period 1 MO-TP1-01 2 March
Research Q1 RQ1 30 April
Monash online teaching period 2 MO-TP2-01 4 May
Trimester 1 (Law UG) T1-58 4 May
Term 1 T1-57 10 May
Trimester A TRI-A-29 20 June
Monash online teaching period 3 MO-TP3-01 29 June
Semester one S1-01 9 July
Trimester 1 T1-58 9 July
Research Q2 RQ2 31 July
Term 2 T2-57 10 August
Deferred/supplementary for semester one   22 August
Monash online teaching period 4 MO-TP4-01 24 August
Trimester 2 T2-58 6 September
Winter semester WS-01 / WS-ZA-01 6 September
Monash online teaching period 5 MO-TP5-01 19 October
Trimester B TRI-B-29 24 October
Research Q3 RQ3 31 October
Term 3 T3-57 9 November
Semester two S2-01 3 December
Trimester 3 (except Law) T3-58 3 December
Semester two (extended) S2-32 3 December
Full-year (extended) FY-32 3 December
Monash online teaching period 6 MO-TP6-01 14 December
Trimester 3 (2018 Law UG)T3-5821 January 2019


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