You may be able to get a refund if you:

  • overpay your course fees
  • have a credit for an approved discount on course fees
  • change your enrolment (e.g. drop units, discontinue, finish your thesis) before the census date
  • are an international research student withdrawing from your research program within four weeks of starting.

You are not eligible for a refund:

  • for application, service or administrative fees
  • before deducting other money you may owe (e.g. library, student loans, Halls of Residence)
  • if your enrolment is invalidated for non-payment of fees.

Apply online (Australian campuses)

Students currently studying, or with an offer to study, on an Australian campus can apply online for a refund.

Apply for a refund

After the census date (special circumstances)

In special cases (e.g. sickness, trauma) which have occurred after the census date, you may be eligible for a reversal of your course fees (including loan debt) through the remission of debt process. You'll need to apply online and provide supporting documentation.

Students in the US Financial Aid Program

Special conditions and arrangements apply. Contact the US Financial Aid Administrator at Student Finance.

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