Student loan non-payment

Once your student loan is approved, we place a block on your Monash account preventing you from ordering academic transcripts and graduating until your loan is repaid.

If you fall behind with a loan repayment, we’ll email you a reminder and then you'll be encumbered. This is a further block on your account, preventing you from accessing essential Monash services such as Moodle, the library, re-enrolment and eExams. For details, see encumbrances.

If your loan remains unpaid and is significantly overdue, we may refer the matter to a debt collection agency.

To get an encumbrance removed, you’ll need to pay your overdue loan amount.

How to get an encumbrance removed

Payments and transfer time

Please be aware that once your debt is paid, your access to services won't be immediate.

Depending on your payment method, transfer times may vary. If paying by Visa or Mastercard, this takes about two working days. For BPAY and telegraphic transfer outside Australia, transfer time may be around five working days.

Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll restore your access to services, which can take another two working days. If your access is not restored within that time, contact Monash Connect.

For payment options, see loan payment methods.

Relevant policies

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