Cost of living

piggy bank rent

In order to manage your money well, you need to have an idea of likely costs.

Living at home

If you continue to live in the family home, your living costs will probably be less. They may include:

  • board (to help your family with household costs)
  • clothes
  • mobile phone
  • transport (public transport, car ownership - petrol, insurance, parking, maintenance...)
  • sport, entertainment and socialising.

Living on campus, independently or in shared accommodation

If you move out of home to live on or closer to campus, your living expenses will likely be more.

Accommodation is a major expense due to:

  • rent or
  • Monash residential services costs.

Additional costs

One-off set-up costs

  • Utilities connection
  • Bond (see Bond loan scheme)
  • Furniture, linen, crockery, cooking utensils etc.

Ongoing costs

  • Food and household items eg bathroom and cleaning products
  • Gas and electricity bills
  • Internet access
  • Insurances.

Cost of living tables (estimates only)

These cost of living tables list expenses that:

  • international students may incur while studying in Australia
  • domestic students not living at home can expect (many costs are similar).

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