Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

Your award will be conferred in a graduation round and you’ll then receive a free digital copy of your AHEGS.

The Australian Government introduced this statement to improve the worldwide recognition of Australian qualifications. Monash provides graduation statements to students who graduated after 1 December 2010.

Contents of the graduation statement

Your graduation statement will describe:

  • Monash University as the awarding institution
  • the Australian higher education system
  • your award
  • your academic achievements.

Details can include:

  • graduation and course name
  • graduation status
  • conferral date
  • advanced standing
  • completed units with mark and grade (distinction, credit, pass, fail or withdrawal)
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) and Weighted Average Mark (WAM)
  • thesis abstract
  • awarded prizes or special achievements
  • awarded scholarships
  • additional course details or special requirements achieved within the course.

Double degree

If you’re a double degree student and your degree leads to two eligible awards, you will receive two graduation statements, one for each award.

Digital format

From 2018, graduates receive their official AHEGS in digital format. The week following your conferral, you’ll receive email confirmation that they're online in the My eQuals portal.

Your digital documents are certified only when viewed online through the My eQuals portal. You’ll be able to provide potential employers and other people with a link so they can view and verify your qualifications online.

For how to access your documents online, see graduation documents.

Additional hard copies

You can buy a hard copy of your AHEGS. See miscellaneous fees or the form below, for the current cost.

Payment option Contact method
Credit card Tel: +61 3 9902 6011
Fax: +61 3 9903 1247
Form: Buy AHEGS copies (pdf, 0.18 mb)
Cheque or money order Mail
Form: Buy AHEGS copies (pdf, 0.18 mb)
EFTPOS In person at Monash Connect on your campus


You can request a replacement if:

  • you find an error or missing information
  • you receive a prize after you graduate, for work done as part of your award.

To request a replacement contact Monash Connect.

Common uses

You can use the graduation statement to:

  • provide potential employers and other institutions with a way to compare qualifications both nationally and internationally
  • enable a broad assessment of your achievements
  • promote international mobility and professional recognition.

See also common uses for your award certificate (testamur) and academic record (transcript).

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