Award certificate (testamur)

Your award will be conferred in a graduation round and you’ll get access to official digital copies of your graduation documents. You'll also be able to request a hard copy of your award certificate (testamur).

Hard copy

After your award has been conferred, you'll need to arrange to receive your certificate. We can't send certificates to post boxes outside Australia.

Update your address details in the Web Enrolment System (WES) if necessary:

If you don't receive your certificate and fail to notify us within 12 months, you'll be charged for a replacement.

Digital copy

In the week following your graduation round, you'll receive an email on how to access official digital versions of your graduation documents.

Your digital documents are certified only when viewed online through the My eQuals portal. You'll be able to provide potential employers and other people with a link so they can view and verify your qualifications online.

For how to access your documents online, see graduation documents.

Certificate details

About six weeks before your graduation round, we'll ask you to check that your name and award title are correct.

Details shown on your award certificate (testamur):

  • your name
  • your award title
  • conferral date (the date of your graduation round)
  • possibly up to two majors (or extended majors), as outlined below
  • the University seal.

Common uses

Graduates often frame and display their certificates in their place of business (e.g. doctor's office). This provides clients with printed evidence of your qualification to work in that field.

See also common uses for your academic record (transcript) and graduation statement (AHEGS).

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