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University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

1 May (events starting 30 April)

About the day

What is Uni Mental Health and Wellbeing Day?

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Australia and New Zealand University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day will take place on Tuesday 1 May, 2018. More than 30 universities from across Australia and New Zealand are participating.

This year's theme is Community. For many young people, starting university is the first time they spend time away from established family and friendship networks. Whilst being at university can be an exciting time for some, for others it can be an isolating experience which can sometimes lead to mental health difficulties.

Social connection is fundamental to our mental health and wellbeing as it;

  • Creates a sense of belonging which leads to reduced isolation
  • Boost resilience during stressful life events and changes
  • Aids recovery from physical or mental illness

There will be a number of events and presentations on to spotlight this campaign, and we invite you to attend or organise your own activity.

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Online progams

  • Changing Minds - enrol in Moodle

    This online program is highly interactive and developed specifically for students. It aims to provide strategies for self care and make you aware of common mental health issues. You'll also learn about support services and programs within Monash and the wider community.

  • Stress Management - enrol in Moodle

    Stress has become a common feature of modern life but we often spend little time working to understand what that means for us as individuals - and what we can change to ensure a healthy academic life. Some stress is inevitable and is sometimes good for us. This session focuses on ‘healthy stress’ and how to ensure general wellbeing during peak periods.

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