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International placements are now open to ALL students. As of Summer A 2022, students will be able to travel overseas to complete a WIL placement. An overseas internship experience is professional work experience and adventure rolled into one. Pack your bag with curiosity, open yourself to other cultures, be willing to learn, and build an appetite to tackle new challenges.

Please read the information below to ensure you understand the application process and requirements and please contact us at if you have any questions.

Host suitability for the WIL Program

You should check that your host meets this criterion before submitting the placement application.

Host organisations must meet Monash University minimum standards and OHS guidelines:

  • All host organisations should have 5 or more employees on the days the student attends the placement
  • Host organisation premises cannot be in ‘home offices’ or at a private residence
  • Students generally cannot undertake a placement in a small family business
  • All host organisations must sign a student placement agreement
  • All host organisations must have public liability and professional indemnity insurance or ‘equivalent’
  • All host supervisors must be willing to complete a student evaluation form as part of the WIL unit assessment – this will be provided to the host by the student and return to the student to enable the student to complete WIL unit assessments

Application documents

1. Student placement pack – All hosts and students must complete the Student placement pack. When completing the pack, please ensure the host organisation name is completed correctly and is consistent throughout the placement pack.

Please download the appropriate student placement pack below:

2. Student acknowledgement form – please download and complete this form

InPlace application

a. To submit your application log into your Monash student portal and submit an online WIL Placement Application. For assistance with your online application, see the Step-by-Step Guide.

b. Placement proposal questions: You will need to answer 5 questions that will be used to assess your application suitability and provide details about your host organisation. Please read the information provided on Student Sourced Placements or information on these questions and information required in the online application. In Question 1 you must include the duties and activities you will undertake during your placement.

c. Please complete all information requested in the online application form, including the unit you are planning to enrol in.

d. Please ensure you upload the documents listed in Step 1 and 2. You will not be able to submit your application unless you have uploaded the required documents.

Once your application is received, the WIL team will assess your application and advise if the placement is approved

Teaching periods

Your internship start and end dates must be within the teaching period dates of the semester you are applying to. Students can only be placed in the standard teaching periods: Term 1, Semester 1, Trimester 2 (Winter), Semester 2 and Summer A. Any applications submitted with dates outside of the teaching periods will be made unsuccessful.

Using Third Party Providers for placements overseas

You may choose to source an opportunity through an internship or placement organisation and once successful, submit a student sourced application.  Monash University will require that your agreement includes information about the host organisation and the Third-Party Provider.  We will thoroughly check the program is suitable before we approve the placement.  Please ensure you provide as much information as possible to assist us to process your application.

Contact us

For further information on specific opportunities or queries on applications contact our International WIL team on or call +61 3 9903 8866.

Internship/job search engines

Students staying in their home country

We encourage you to search for current opportunities that support a remote working arrangement.

  • Career Gateway – access to international job opportunities for Monash students, as well as a range of workshops designed to enhance employability and refine job seeking skills (such as crafting professional resumes and building resilience)
  • Monash Global Careers – find global job opportunities, including in your home country

Internship/job directories by regions

Some countries advertise graduate positions through a central directory. The graduate recruitment period can start at different times of the year, so you should be aware of seasonal differences when applying for work in different countries.

  • Aozhouhaigui – a jobs portal exclusively for students and graduates from Australian Group of Eight (Go8) universities interested in working in China. Sign up with your Monash student email
  • Lockin U - a jobs portal with thousands of opportunities in China for Chinese students and graduates returning home
  • Gradsingapore
United Kingdom
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