Academic progress

What is academic progress?

We want to make sure you succeed in your studies at Monash and fulfil all your academic requirements. However, we know that from time to time things come up that can affect your academic progress.

For this reason, we check in twice a year to make sure you’re on track to complete your course in the required time. If you’re falling behind, we’ll let you know what support is available and, if needed, meet with you to discuss your progress and options.

All communications will be sent to your Monash email address,

Whose progress is reviewed

If you’re enrolled in a coursework award course at any location (excluding IIE MSA (South Africa) campus), your progress will be reviewed twice a year.

If you’re enrolled at the IIE MSA (South Africa) campus, the pre-2020 policy applies.

Review periods

The two review periods are:

  • period 1: from the day after semester two results are released until the end of the day on which semester one results are released
  • period 2: from the day after semester one results are released until the end of the day on which semester two results are released.

The dean may also review your academic progress at any time.

To view the results release dates, see semester summary dates.

What we review

We review your progress and unit results released within the academic progress periods, excluding pathway diplomas and Withdrawn (WDN and WI) and interim (DEF, NS and WH) grades. We may, however, reassess your academic progress when your interim results are finalised.

If you’re on intermission, or aren’t currently enrolled, your academic progress risk level won’t change until the next academic progress period you’re enrolled in.

Satisfactory academic progress

Your academic progress is satisfactory if, within the academic progress period:

If your academic progress is satisfactory, you won’t have an academic progress risk level.

At risk of unsatisfactory progress

You're at risk of unsatisfactory academic progress if, within the academic progress period:

  • You failed one or more units, but
  • You didn’t meet any of the unsatisfactory academic progress criteria.
  • Unsatisfactory academic progress criteria
  • If any of the following circumstances apply, your progress will be assessed as unsatisfactory:
  • You haven’t complied with the enrolment conditions set in the last assessment period.
  • You have a fail grade for 50 per cent or more of the completed credit points.
  • You fail the same unit two times or more.
  • At the halfway point of the maximum duration for your course, you have successfully completed less than half of the credit points required for the entire course.
  • You won’t be able to complete your course within the maximum course duration (the  course duration is in the Handbook for the year you began).

Academic progress risk levels

If you meet one of the criteria above, or your progress is at risk of being unsatisfactory, you’ll be assigned one of three academic progress risk levels:

  • Academic progress risk level one: advice
  • Academic progress risk level two: monitoring
  • Academic progress risk level three: intervention.

At each risk level, we’ll provide you with a different level of support to try to help you get back on track with your studies.

If you’ve been assigned an academic progress risk level, you’ll be notified by email at your Monash account.

Getting your progress back on track

If you’ve previously been assigned an academic progress risk level, but achieve satisfactory progress in your next reviewed academic progress period, the academic progress risk level will be removed.

Want to know more?

Further information about Academic Progress at Monash University

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