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Do you want to start applying for jobs, but don’t know where to begin? We’re here to help!

How do you put together a resume? How much information is too much in a cover letter? How do I use the key selection criteria? And where does LinkedIn or interview practice fit in with all this?

Remove the confusion – register for one of our online How-to workshops.

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Each workshop covers a step in the job application process (as well as providing tips and resources to help you craft the perfect application):

Get feedback

To get our feedback, you’ll need to attend the workshop related to the feedback you’re after. For example, if you want feedback on your resume, you’ll need to attend the How to write a resume workshop. After the workshop, you can prepare and finesse your documents and submit them for feedback.

You’ll find tips and resources in the pages listed above, as well as in the Career Gateway when you register for a workshop.

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