How to answer key selection criteria

Job selection criteria (or key selection criteria) tell you what knowledge, skills and experiences the employer is looking for. Knowing how to analyse and use the selection criteria is an essential part of the job application process.

Some examples of selection criteria are:

  • excellent research and analytical skills
  • well developed written and oral communication skills
  • ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • a degree in a relevant field.

Learn how to develop your ability to identify and respond to key selection criteria.

Workshop topics

  • Key selection criteria fundamentals
  • How to answer key selection criteria
  • Actions to improve your key selection criteria responses

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You must always address the selection criteria when applying for a job. This is the most important part of your application.

Selection panels will use selection criteria to:

  • decide who to short-list for an interview
  • develop interview questions.

Finding the selection criteria

The selection criteria may appear in advertisements, position descriptions or duty statements.

Some employers don’t refer to selection criteria. In these cases, you may need to analyse the job to find what the employer is looking for. For example, if the role involves dealing with clients, it implies the need for interpersonal and customer service skills.

See developing your employability skills to find the kinds of skills employers are looking for.

How to address the selection criteria

State how your skills match the requirements of the job and organisation. Be clear about how you have developed and applied your skills.

Key selection criteria document feedback

Now that you’ve learned how to write effective answers to key selection criteria, and have had some practice writing your own responses, you may want to get some feedback from our professional staff.

Simply log into Career Gateway and complete our one-minute quiz. You can then request feedback on your key selection criteria document. You’ll also find more tips and resources.

Good luck with your application!