Public transport concessions

As a Monash University student, you may be eligible to apply for a card that entitles you to cheaper public transport fares. There are different concessions for domestic and international students. Choose from the tabs below.

If you're a staff member or a student who's not eligible for any of the concessions below, the Monash Commuter Club offers a 10 per cent discount on a yearly myki pass.

Victorian Public Transport student concession card

The public transport student concession card entitles you to pay a concession fare instead of the full-price.

Apply now

To apply for a concession card, download the transport concession form in WES. Make sure you've completed all enrolment steps first, including uploading a photo for your ID card.

Take your completed form and photo to one of the locations below:


You're eligible for a transport concession card if you are:

  • an Australian citizen or holder of an Australian Permanent Residency Visa
  • a student with refugee status
  • a student with an Australian Development Scholarship (Australia Awards student)
  • a student studying an award course.

You also have to be either:

  • a full-time, undergraduate student (minimum 0.375 EFTSL per semester), or
  • attending a school/college/institution as part of an approved overseas exchange program. Your Monash course title must have the word EXCHANGE.

You aren't eligible if you're:

  • a New Zealand citizen with a Special Category Visa (you must have an Australian Permanent Residency Visa)
  • a postgraduate or PhD student
  • an international student and your course title doesn't have EXCHANGE
  • an off-campus learning or distance education student
  • enrolled in a course which is less than 10 weeks long
  • enrolled part-time (less than 0.375 EFTSL per semester).


You receive a free concession myki card when you apply for a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession card.

iUSEpass: International Undergraduate Student Education Pass

The iUSEpass gives you to a 50% discount on an annual transport pass. It allows unlimited travel for 365 days from the first day you use it. The pass allows you to travel on trains, buses and trams.

Upfront payment is required for the entire 12 months. The iUSEpass is available for undergraduate students only.

Choosing your zones

Depending on where you want to travel, you can choose to buy a pass to travel in:

  • Zones 1 and 2 (all suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne)
  • Zone 2 only (the outer suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne)
  • Regional Zones (areas beyond the suburbs, such as Geelong, Bendigo, etc.)


You must be enrolled to apply.

Applications are now open.

Before you apply for an iUSEpass, check the metropolitan zones page to ensure you buy the correct one. Use the relevant process below to apply for the pass that covers your zones.

How to apply for Zones 1 and 2, or Zone 2 only

The costs outlined below are for 2021.

  1. Check you meet the eligibility criteria in the Web Enrolment System.
  2. If eligible, submit your application to receive an email with your iUSEpass code.
  3. When you receive your code, log into iUSEpass and follow the instructions.
  4. Use a credit card or BPAY to pay for the pass for your selected zone:
    • $877.50 for Zones 1 and 2
    • $585 for Zone 2 only.
  5. Your pass will be sent to you in the mail within 7-10 days.

How to apply for a regional zone

Submit an online request for a regional iUSEpass code.

The cost is $507 for the following zones:

  • Geelong (Zone 4)
  • Ballarat (Zone 8)
  • Bendigo (Zone 13)


If you're in doubt about your eligibility, check the travel concession links in WES.

You're eligible for an iUSEpass if you're a full-time international student at Monash University (including those from New Zealand) currently studying one of the following:

  • diploma
  • advanced diploma
  • associate degree
  • bachelor degree (including honours).

Exchange and Monash Abroad students

Monash Abroad students are eligible, but the iUSEpass is for one year, so will only be of benefit to students completing two semesters.

Other exchange students who have the word EXCHANGE in their course title, are eligible for a domestic student travel concession card.

You're not eligible if you are enrolled in a:

  • part-time course
  • Monash College course
  • Monash Short Course Centre
  • graduate certificate
  • graduate diploma
  • master's degree
  • doctoral degree.

Monash College students become eligible once they enrol in a Monash University course.

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