Lost and stolen ID cards (M-Pass)

If you’ve lost your ID card (M-Pass), or suspect it has been stolen, you should immediately:

  • deactivate it to prevent anyone else using it
  • if you have access to highly secure buildings, call Security on 9902 7777 to deactivate your access immediately
  • to prevent others using your card to borrow books, notify the library either in person (at any branch) or call 9905 5054.

Deactivating your M-Pass

  1. Sign into your M-Pass account.
  2. Select the Card Services menu at the top of the page.
  3. Under Select the card to deactivate, ensure that the last eight digits of the number match your ID number.
  4. click Deactivate Card.

What happens when your M-Pass is deactivated

When you deactivate your M-Pass:

  • payments from your card are immediately suspended
  • building access is deactivated overnight.

Reactivating your M-Pass

If you find your card, you’ll need to reactivate it. To do this, follow the same steps used to deactivate your card (except in step 4, you’ll click Activate Card). Your building access will be activated overnight.

Reporting a stolen student M-Pass to police

If you believe your student M-Pass has been stolen, notify the Victoria Police and ask for a ‘Notice to the Victim’ report (NTVR). You’ll need the report (or the report number) to get a free replacement card.

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