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You can buy an official University letter for a fee.

You should receive your letter within five University working days. Allow 10–15 days if:

  • the letter needs to show predicted completion or graduation dates
  • your faculty needs to assess your application
  • you attended or graduated before 1997.

Research students

Research students need to contact Monash Graduate Education for a letter to confirm your candidature or research scholarship details.

Coursework students

Order through Monash Connect

To order these letters, contact Monash Connect.

Sample letterProvides Often required by
Enrolment verification (good standing) (pdf, 0.02 mb) Proof of your current enrolment, student load (EFTSL) and confirms you are in good standing with the University.

Fifth-year students: visit Monash Connect Clayton
  • Medical employers
  • Medical placement staff
  • Scholarship agencies

Order online

Login to the Web Enrolment System to order and pay through WES.

You can check the progress of your order in WES.

If you're encumbered (with restricted access), submit an online enquiry explaining your situation and which campus you're from.

Sample letterProvides Often required by
Approved underload enrolment (pdf, 0.02 mb) Confirmation that you have faculty permission to underload
  • Department of Home Affairs (HA)
Enrolment verification (pdf, 0.02 mb) Proof of your current enrolment and equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL)
  • Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • Centrelink
  • HA
  • Employers
  • Employment agencies
Estimated living expenses (pdf, 0.08 mb) Your course fees and the average annual cost of living. You may need this to transfer funds from overseas
  • Government institutions
  • Offshore banking
Forecast completion date (pdf, 0.02 mb) Predicted completion date
  • Prospective employers
  • Other tertiary institutions
International student release (pdf, 0.07 mb) Confirmation of release to enrol in a course at another tertiary institution.

For international students who want to terminate their study at Monash within the first six months of their primary course
  • HA
  • Enrolling institution
Proof of graduation (pdf, 0.01 mb) Confirmation that you have graduated from a Monash award course
  • Employers
  • Employment agencies
Proof of qualification (completion letter) (pdf, 0.02 mb) Confirmation that you have met the requirements of a Monash award course
  • Employers
  • Employment agencies
  • Government departments
  • Immigration agents
  • Other tertiary institutions
PR application-enrolment verification (pdf, 0.01 mb) Proof of completion of a continuous two-year period of full-time study at Monash (Australia).

Supports an application for permanent residency
  • HA
  • Immigration agents

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