Staff ID cards


M-Pass is your new Monash ID card. More than just an ID card, your M-Pass will be linked to an online account, which you'll be able to use for a range of goods and services on campus.

Initially, this will only apply to staff in relation to late fees and fines from the Library, which is now cash-free. We'll keep you updated as new goods and services become available in 2017.

What do I need to do?

Library users

The Library is now cash-free, so if you have any fees or fines from the Library, you’ll need to add credit to your M-Pass account to pay for these.

Building access changes

Building access reprogramming has now been completed across all campuses. From this point onwards, please use your M-Pass for building or door access.

If you don’t use a Monash ID card for building access, you won't need an M-Pass card for the moment.

If you haven't received your M-Pass

If you use a Monash ID card for door access and haven't received your M-Pass yet, please contact Monash Connect online or stop in at one of our campus locations with your old card or other photo ID.

New print service

If you're using the new print service, you'll need to use either your M-Pass or enter your username and password at the printer to collect your printing and photocopying.

Information and enquiries

How to get an ID card

New staff

Paid staff members can get an M-Pass staff ID card by visiting Monash Connect.

Unpaid staff members need to submit a request for staff ID (pdf 300kb). Once you receive your staff number, visit Monash Connect to collect your ID card (and bring some photo ID). You don't need an appointment.

If you're unable to visit Monash Connect, you can request a staff ID card through The Connect team will guide you through the process of providing a photo and identification so they can send your card to your regional location or postal address.

Replacement cards

If you need a replacement card, you can get a new one from Monash Connect. You'll need to bring photo ID, such as a driver's licence or passport.

Deactivate a lost or stolen card

You should deactivate your card immediately, to prevent anyone else using it. To do this, login to your M-Pass account to deactivate your account by selecting the Card Services menu at the top.

When you deactivate your account:

  • payments from you card are immediately suspended
  • building access is deactivated overnight. If you have access to highly secure buildings, please contact Security 9902 7777 to deactivate your access immediately
  • the library is notified about a lost card when a replacement card is issued by Monash Connect. To prevent unauthorised borrowing in the meantime, report it to any library branch in person, or call 9905 5054.

Reactivate a replacement card

You’ll need to reactivate your account online if you:

  • find your card
  • get a new card

Got a question? Monash Connect can help