Double degrees

Many students choose to study a double degree, providing them with greater career options. Double degree students:

  • study two single degrees at the same time
  • complete both in less time than if doing them separately (usually one to two years less)
  • benefit from cross-crediting elective units (electives in one course may count for the other)
  • must meet the requirements for both single degrees as outlined in the Handbook.

Managing faculty and course award faculty

Each degree is an award of one of the faculties. For example, a BA is an award of the Faculty of Arts. This is called the course award faculty.

Each double degree has:

  • one course code
  • one course award faculty appointed as the managing faculty.

Managing faculties are responsible for most administrative matters.

Find the managing faculty for your double degree

Find your managing faculty and other enrolment information with our virtual assistant – it only takes a moment, but you’ll need to first log in with your Monash student account.

Who to contact

Use the following table to find out:

  • who to see for various administrative and course-specific matters
  • where to submit applications.
Your query type, the faculty you should contact and details.
Query Faculty to contactDetails
Course information/outlines Managing The managing faculty publishes course information in the University Handbook
General course advice Managing Ask the managing faculty first. They may refer you to the course award faculty for more specific academic advice
Specific course advice Course award For:
  • specific course advice
  • unit approvals
  • study abroad/exchange options, etc.
Credit/Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Managing Submit your application to the managing faculty
Course completion Course award To confirm whether you're meeting all of the requirements for one course
Complementary study Course award See the course award faculty where the units will be credited
Deferment Managing  
Graduation   The Graduations Unit manages all degree ceremonies. Applications are made online. See graduation information for double degree students
Intermission Managing  
Invalid units Course award See the faculty that teaches the unit
Re-enrolment Managing You must re-enrol in all units for your double degree by the closing date for the managing faculty
Refunds and debt remission Managing  
In-semester special consideration Unit teaching Submit one copy of the application with supporting documentation. For more information, see special consideration
End-of-semester special consideration Managing Submit one copy of the application with supporting documentation
Study abroad and exchange Managing/course award You'll need to see both faculties
Unit results Unit teaching For unit results
Unit results Course award For supplementary and deferred results

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