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Summer and winter semester


Summer and winter semesters give you the opportunity to complete units outside the standard semesters.

Unit delivery is slightly different to semesters one or two as most units are delivered intensively. This means that the teaching period for these units is usually much shorter than in a standard semester, but the overall class hours remain the same. For example, instead of attending three hours of class per week for 12 weeks, you might have all day classes for a week. This varies between units.

Another difference is that there are no common dates for summer or winter units. Each unit has its own set of dates so the enrolment, teaching, assessment and academic and financial penalty dates vary between units.

Single units and cross-institutional study

Some faculties accept single unit and cross-institutional study applications for their summer and winter units.

Unit cancellations

We make every effort to ensure units run however, if there aren't enough enrolments, we may need to cancel the unit. If this happens, we will notify you in writing before the teaching start date.

Summer and winter information

Units available in the Handbook:

For more information, please go to or contact your faculty.

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