Fees for summer and winter semesters

Faculties may offer their summer and winter units at Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or full-fee rate.

You will be charged the current rate for summer A and winter units and next year's rate for summer B units.

  • 2019 winter units are charged at the 2019 rate.
  • 2019 summer A units are charged at the 2019 rate.
  • 2020 summer B units are charged at the 2020 rate.

You will also need to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) (excludes international students paying full-fees).

Commonwealth supported place rates

If you are a domestic student, enrolled in an award course your faculty may charge you the CSP rate for that unit.

The faculty may also choose to charge some CSP students the full-fee rate, check with your faculty before you enrol.

Full-fee rates

You will be charged the full-fee rate for summer and winter units if you are:

  • a graduate student
  • an international student
  • enrolling in a single unit
  • enrolling in a cross-institutional unit and you're not a CSP student at your home university

Domestic students

Use the domestic full-fee calculator to calculate your course fees.

If you are an Australian citizen or a humanitarian visa holder, you can apply for FEE-HELP for any units you enrol in for summer or winter semester. To apply, contact Monash Connect to get a Request for FEE-HELP Assistance form.

Teaching period FEE-HELP application closing date
Winter 30 June 2019
Summer A 31 December 2019
Summer B 15 January 2020

Fee statements

We email your fee statement to your Monash email account. From that time, your statement will also be available in the Web Enrolment System (WES). Payment is due within 11 days. For payment dates, SA-HELP incurred dates and other fee information, see fee payment dates.

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