How to view your final assessments in Allocate+

Once the final assessments have been added to the timetable, you can view your assessment schedule in Allocate+.

Your final assessments appear in your timetable just like class activities do. You'll find them in the weeks of the final assessment period.

How to view your final assessments

  1. Log into Allocate+.
  2. Click the Timetable tab (from the menu along the top).
  3. From the top right drop-down menu, select All Weeks.
  4. Your assessments are in light blue in the exam period.

Step-by-step guide

If you need more help, see our step-by-step guide with screenshots (pdf, 1.31 mb).

Assessment details

To see the details of an assessment:

  • click on the scheduled assessment in your timetable, or
  • view in list view.

Be sure to check your timetable for details about dates, times, venues and more. For more information, see review your assessment timetable.

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