Your in-semester tests and end-of-semester exams may use Monash’s eAssessment platform, requiring you to use your own device in a secure environment. These online assessments are called eExams.

Your in-semester tests won’t be supervised online. However, if a faculty or an external accrediting body has determined that it’s necessary to ensure academic integrity, online supervision will be required for some end-of-semester exams. Instead of having these exams supervised by a third party, Monash uses its own eAssessment platform integrated with its own online supervision tool – Monash eVigilation.

Learn about eExams

We’ll step you through the eExam process so that you can feel confident and fully prepared on the day. Try out a practice exam, watch a guided video tour to see how eExams work, and read our guides to eExams (with and without supervision), which break the process down into a few simple steps.

Monash online supervision: privacy and security

We use our very own eAssessment platform integrated with our own online supervision tool (Monash eVigilation). Find out about the steps we’ve taken to ensure our high levels of academic integrity are upheld while protecting your privacy and security.

Device and system specifications

Make sure you have everything you need to sit your eExams in your own home. You’ll find information on setting up your browser, recommended device specifications, network requirements, and what you'll need in order to log into the Monash eAssessment and Monash eVigilation platforms safely and securely.

eExam rules

It’s a good idea to check out our exam rules ahead of time. If you have an exam with Monash online supervision, you’ll need to set up your room so that it meets exam conditions. You’ll also need to know what you can and can’t have with you at your exam session.

Getting help and support

We’re here to help, whether you need technical support during your eExam, advice on exam technique and preparation, or alternative assessment arrangements because of a disability or medical condition.

Troubleshooting and tips

If you have any technical problems during your exam, take a look at our troubleshooting advice page – we’ve also got helpful tips for getting prepared before the day. But if you have a technical problem that you can’t solve yourself, just get in touch with our technical support staff – they’re here to help.

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