Remote eExams

Semester one 2020

For semester one, all in-semester tests and end-of-semester exams using the eAssessment platform will be conducted as remote eExams (using your own device in your own home).

If you haven’t sat an eExam before, don’t worry – students have told us that the system is easy to use. And you’ll find all the information and support you need right here.

How it all works

Your remote eExam will take place on the eAssessment platform using software called Examity. To see how it all works:

What is a remote eExam?

Watch this short video, where Kris Ryan, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at Monash, will step you through the process for a remote eExam with live online supervision using software called Examity:

If you can't view this video on YouTube, you can view it on YouKu.

Check out our easy-to-follow graphic (pdf, 0.26 mb) that breaks the remote eExam process with live online supervision down to seven steps.

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