Units that don’t allow a supplementary assessment

The units listed below are exempt from the requirement to offer supplementary assessments under the grading and results update. This means you won’t be considered for supplementary assessments for these units and if you receive fail grades of N (less than 50) they’ll be automatically withdrawn and removed from your transcript.

Why some units are exempt

The Academic Board can approve exemptions to the grading and results update provision to offer supplementary assessments under Regulation 19A of the Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations (pdf, 0.47 mb).

These exemptions are granted to a small number of units taught in 2021 teaching periods where it wouldn’t be practical to offer supplementary assessments. These include units:

  • that are predominantly professional practice or clinical placements with competency-based hurdles
  • where students are given an additional opportunity to complete the assessment during the teaching period
  • that are project-based and are core to externally accredited courses.

List of exempt units

Use the search to find units by code or title in the table.

Unit codes and titles of exempt units.
Unit code Unit title
CHE2166 Introduction to process simulation
CHE3166 Process design
CHE4164 Integrated industrial project
CHE4180 Chemical engineering project
CHM1011 Chemistry 1 (Lab exemption only)
CHM1051 Chemistry 1 advanced (Lab exemption only)
CHM2911 Inorganic and organic chemistry (Lab exemption only)
CHM2951 Environmental chemistry - water (Lab exemption only)
CHM3911 Advanced physical chemistry (Lab exemption only)
CHM3930 Medicinal chemistry (Lab exemption only)
CHM3941 Advanced inorganic chemistry (Lab exemption only)
CHM3960 Environmental chemistry (Lab exemption only)
CIV4210 Project A
CIV4211 Project B
DCL0001 ITE: National literacy test
DCL0002 ITE: National numeracy test
ECE4094 Project A
ECE4095 Project B
EDF2050 Early years professional experience 2C
EDF2080 Primary professional experience 2A
EDF2081 Primary professional experience 2B
EDF2083 Secondary professional experience 2A
EDF2084 Special education professional experience 2A
EDF2101 Professional experience 2A
EDF3051 Early years professional experience 3A
EDF3052 Early years professional experience 3B
EDF3053 Primary professional experience 3A
EDF3054 Primary professional experience 3B
EDF3055 Secondary professional experience 3A
EDF3056 Secondary professional experience 3B
EDF3057 Secondary professional experience 3C
EDF3058 Early years professional experience 3C
EDF3101 Professional experience 3A
EDF4042 Professional experience 4B
EDF4051 Early years professional experience 4A
EDF4053 Primary professional experience 4A
EDF4055 Secondary professional experience 4A
EDF4056 Secondary professional experience 4B
EDF4060 Primary professional experience 4D
EDF4604 Research project
EDF5534 Supervised professional counselling practice
EDF5552 Counselling practicum
EDF5554 Counselling internship
EDF5700 Professional experience in inclusive education
EDF5732 Clinical placement in psychology 2
EDF5733 Clinical placement in psychology 3
EDF5880 Early childhood professional experience 1A
EDF5881 Primary professional experience 1A
EDF5882 Secondary professional experience 1A
EDF5891 Secondary professional experience 2A
EDF5925 Early years professional experience 1
EDF5926 Early years professional experience 2
EDF5927 Early years professional experience 3
EDF5928 Early years professional experience 4
EDF5931 Primary professional experience 1
EDF5932 Primary professional experience 2
EDF5933 Primary professional experience 3
EDF5934 Primary professional experience 4
EDF5935 Primary professional experience 5
EDF5941 Secondary professional experience 1
EDF5942 Secondary professional experience 2
EDF5943 Secondary professional experience 3
EDF5944 Secondary professional experience 4
ENG5004 Advanced design project B
ENG5005 Research methods
ENG5006 Research practice
ENG5008 Work integrated learning
FIT2032 Industry-based learning
FIT3045 Industry-based learning
FIT3047 Industry experience studio project 1
FIT3048 Industry experience studio project 2
FIT3161 Computer science project 1
FIT3162 Computer science project 2
FIT3163 Data science project 1
FIT3164 Data science project 2
FIT3170 Software engineering practice
FIT4002 Software engineering industry experience studio project
FIT4003 Software engineering research project
FIT4042 Industry-based learning
FIT4444 Honours thesis final
FIT5120 Industry experience studio project
FIT5128 Masters thesis final
GHS5850 Nursing leadership and patient safety
GMA2100 Foundations of medical practice
GMA2200 Principles of medicine
LAW4173 Research unit A
LAW4174 Research unit B
LAW4327 Honours thesis
LAW4328 Professional practice
LAW4330 Family law assistance program: Professional practice
LAW4801 Research project
LAW4803 Clinical placement
LAW4807 Vis arbitration moot
LAW4811 In-house clinical placement
LAW5050 Professional practice (JD)
LAW5052 Professional project
LAW5055 Vis arbitration moot
LAW5082 Masters research
LAW5083 Extended research
LAW5084 Minor thesis
LAW5185 Graduate research paper
MAE2412 Aerospace design
MEC2402 Design methods
MEC3448 Engineering technologies
MEC4401 Final year project
MEC4402 Final year project - Thesis
MEC5883 Mechanical systems design
MED1100 Introduction to medical practice
MED1200 Principles of medicine 1
MED2100 Foundations of medical practice
MED2200 Principles of medicine 2
MED3100 Medicine and surgery
MED3200 Foundation clinical studies
MED4100 Specialty clinical practices
MED4200 Integrated clinical studies
MED4301 Medical science honours research skills
MED4302 Medical science honours research project
MED5100 Final grade
MED5101 Applied studies in medical research and professional practice
MED5103 Patient safety and preparation for practice
MED5105 Advanced clinical practice
MID1000 Introduction to Midwifery
MID2000 Foundations for midwifery practice
MID2010 Working with birthing women
MID3202 Supporting the newborn infant
MID3222 Safety in midwifery and nursing contexts
MID4000 Theory and practice of complex midwifery
MID4110 Professional midwifery practice
MTE4525 Project 1
MTE4526 Project 2
MTE4571 Materials engineering design and practice
MWC5201 Principles of wound healing
MWC5202 Wound assessment
MWC5203 Wound management principles
MWC5204 Acute and chronic wounds
MWC5205 Integrated wound care practice
MWC5206 The diabetes foot
MWC5207 Pressure injury management
MWC5208 Advanced clinical practice in wound care
MWC5209 Clinical risk management and wound care
MWC5211 Non-healing wounds and pain management
NUR1013 Indigenous health for nursing and midwifery practice
NUR1110 Communication and scholarship in nursing and midwifery
NUR1111 Global health and cultural competence in nursing and midwifery practice
NUR1112 Fundamental skills and knowledge for nursing and midwifery practice 1
NUR1113 Law, ethics and leadership in nursing and midwifery
NUR1114 Fundamental skills and knowledge for nursing and midwifery practice 2
NUR2005 Introduction to maternity and paediatric nursing
NUR2223 Safety in healthcare contexts
NUR2225 Mental health nursing practice contexts
NUR2226 Nursing practice contexts 1
NUR2227 Primary health care and health promotion in nursing and midwifery contexts
NUR2228 Nursing practice contexts 2
NUR2229 Nursing practice contexts 3
NUR2447 Clinical concepts
NUR3310 Translation of nursing knowledge to complex acute care practice
NUR3312 Translation of nursing knowledge in preparation for professional practice
NUR4111 Translation of nursing knowledge for primary care practice
NUR4113 Translation of nursing knowledge for leadership in practice
NUR5002 Contemporary nursing practice 2
NUR5003 Contemporary nursing practice 3
NUR5004 Contemporary nursing practice 4
NUR5011 Contemporary nursing in context 1
NUR5022 Contemporary nursing in context 2
NUR5033 Contemporary nursing in context 3
NUR5111 Contemporary nursing practice 1
NUR5208 Therapeutic medication management
NUR5215 Mental health nursing concepts and practice
NUR5218 Advanced clinical decision making
NUR5227 Integrated mental health care
NUR5411 Advanced clinical assessment and diagnostic reasoning
NUR5600 Nurse practitioner essentials
NUR5705 Perioperative nursing 1
NUR5706 Perioperative nursing 2
NUR5708 Specialist nursing practice
NUR5923 Intensive care nursing 1
NUR5924 Intensive care nursing 2
NUR5925 Emergency nursing 1
NUR5926 Emergency nursing 2
NUT5005 Dietetic practice 2
OCC1011 Professional issues
OCC1022 Foundations of occupational therapy practice
OCC1042 Human occupation and development
OCC2013 Introduction to occupational therapy professional practice
OCC2014 Occupational performance, capabilities and components
OCC2020 Enabling occupation: Performance challenges 1A
OCC3031 Enabling occupation: Performance challenges 1B
OCC3062 Participation community practice 1: Development
OCC3072 Occupational therapy honours research project 1
OCC4071 Participatory community practice 2: Implementation
OCC4081 Transition to practice 1
OCC4082 Advanced professional practice
OCC4091 Occupational therapy honours research project 2
OCC4092 Transition to practice 2
PGC5101 Evidence based practice
PGC5102 Advanced therapeutics 1
PGC5108 Clinical research 2
PGC5109 Clinical research 3
PGC5116 Geriatric disease state management
PGC5117 Mental health
PGC5118 Palliative care
PGC5119 Professional practice portfolio
PHR5052 Inquiry and Innovation Methods
PHR5151 Inquiry and Innovation Projects
PHR5252 Inquiry and Innovation Results
SON4000 Physics of medical ultrasound and instrumentation
SON4010 Embryology, anatomy and pathophysiology
SON5020 Sonographic professional skills and sonography of the breast and thyroid
SON5021 Sonographic abdominal imaging
SON5022 Sonographic imaging of the reproductive system
SON5023 Obstetric sonography
SON5024 Musculoskeletal, neonatal and paediatric sonography
SON5025 Sonographic vascular and postoperative imaging
TRC3000 Automation project
TRC4000 Robotics and mechatronics final year project 1
TRC4001 Robotics and mechatronics final year project 2
TRC4200 Engineering cyber-physical systems

Lab exemptions

The exemption will only apply to this unit if you fail your laboratory assessment. If you pass your lab assessment and fail another assessment (e.g. an eExam), and this results in an overall fail grade of 40-49, you’ll be offered a supplementary assessment.

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