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Student discipline is governed by Monash University (Council) Regulations.  The Regulations, Part 7 relates to student discipline and deal with three kinds of misconduct:

General misconduct

General misconduct means any conduct which is contrary to accepted standars of behaviour and includes conduct by which a student attacks, harasses, intimidates, threatens or endangers others.  It covers knowing (an intentional act) and reckless (an act done without regard to its risk or disregarding a known risk) conduct.

Academic misconduct

Academic misconduct means conduct by which a student seeks to gain an unfair or unjustified academic advantage in a course or unit of study either for themselves or another person.  It covers cheating in examinations, plagiarism, collusion on assignments, submitting a false medical certificate in support of an application for special consideration or submitting work which was previously submitted for assessment at Monash or another university, and asking or paying another person to complete assessable work, including by using an online website to seek this assistance.

Research misconduct

Research misconduct is conduct by a student in connection with research which is dishonest, reckless or negligent and seriously deviates from accepted standards for proposing, conducting or reporting research.

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Contact Information:

Secretary, University Discipline Panel

Ms Fiona Hunt
Phone: (03) 990 55137