Family discount on course fees (sibling)


If your brother or sister is studying at Monash, one of you could get a 10 per cent discount on your course fees.

You must both be:

  • paying full fees
  • taking a degree or diploma course (with at least one of you enrolled in a degree course at Monash University)
  • studying in the same teaching period
  • enrolled on an Australian campus

You're not eligible if:

  • you or your siblings have a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)
  • you're stepbrothers or stepsisters
  • you apply for other discounts if your family gets this discount.

To apply

  • Complete the sibling discount application (pdf, 0.04 mb).
    (Students enrolled at Malaysia or South Africa need to contact their campus to apply).
  • Include proof that you are brothers and sisters (original certified copies of your birth certificates).
  • Submit the application before the census date of the semester.

You will need to apply every semester. We will give you a reference number to quote after your first application.

Notice of outcome

Applications are processed after the census date for each semester. Students are notified by email sent to their Monash accounts. While waiting for the outcome of your application, you must ensure your fees are paid in full by the due date.

If approved, the sibling with the highest course fee (per 48 credit points) will receive the discount, which can be paid as a refund.

Withdrawing from your course

If you withdraw from your course you may have to repay the discount.

Relevant policy

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