Student Fees Policy - other student fees/fines

This section lists general fees and charges that apply to students at Monash University campuses in Australia.

11.1 Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Bill 2011 permits universities to charge a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). The fee will be charged to all students enrolled at Monash University as prescribed in this policy.

The University Council or its delegates sets the schedule of Student Services and Amenities Fees. The Student Services and Amenities Fee does not confer membership of any organisation of students, but is charged to provide for legislatively sanctioned items as listed in section 19-38 (4) of the Act (HESA 2003).

The maximum fee for any student within a calendar year will be the full-time rate in accordance with the published schedule of student services and amenities fees.

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is:

  • calculated and charged on the basis of mode and study load, and in accordance with the published schedule of student services and amenities fees where a:
    • full-time rate is applicable to on-campus or multi-modal with a study load of at least 75% of one Equivalent Full Time Study Load (EFTSL) per calendar year.
    • part-time rate (75% of the full-time rate) is applicable to on-campus or multi-modal with a study load of less than 75% of one Equivalent Full Time Study Load (EFTSL) per calendar year; or
    • off-campus rate (50% of the full-time rate) is applicable to
      • off-campus where all units in a calendar year are enrolled wholly in an off-campus mode (distance education); or
      • off-site course locations where the mode of delivery is at a site further than one kilometre from the boundary of the campus at which the student is enrolled.
        The off-site rate will be available where the responsible faculty provides a list to Student Finance of students that qualify under the above policy (list to be forwarded prior to fee assessment of the relevant teaching period/semester). The following locations are those that currently qualify:
        • Monash Medical Centre and associated hospital placements
        • Monash University City Law Chambers
        • work experience in industry.

        Direct applications from students to Student Finance will not be accepted.

  • calculated for all teaching periods in a calendar year (i.e. semester 1, 2, T1-58, AMB1, etc). Also see teaching periods and census dates
  • payable for all enrolled students on the administrative dates determined by the University for each invoicing cycle. The administrative date is the due date for payment as shown on the fee statement. Payment extension is in accordance to the criteria set out in the Student Fees Policy - Fee Payment Extension section, and cannot be extended beyond the published SA-HELP incurred date of the invoicing cycle. Students are ineligible for a refund when changes to their enrolment occur after a unit's census date
  • applied to Monash students who undertake approved units of study at another institution (i.e. formal exchange programs, inter-campus exchange and incoming study abroad) for any units in which they are enrolled at Monash.


  • Eligible students who are Australian citizens or permanent humanitarian visa holders resident in Australia can access a SA-HELP loan. Students, who wish to access SA-HELP to defer a Student Services and Amenities Fee need to complete, sign and return the SA-HELP form on or before the due date for payment on their fee statement and in accordance with the published schedule of student services and amenities fees.
  • A student will only be required to apply for SA-HELP once for each course of study they are enrolled in at a provider. If a student changes courses or changes providers, the student will need to re-apply for SA-HELP.

Schedule of Student Services and Amenities Fees

Refer Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

Goods and Service Tax

The Australian Tax Office does not require Monash University to apply the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to the student services and amenities fee.

Conditions where the Student Services and Amenities Fee will be charged at zero dollars

The Student Services and Amenities Fee applies to all students enrolled at Monash campuses in Australia (ie. courses with an Australian campus location code), including those studying on a cross-institution basis with Monash as the host institution, except as described here:

  • students study load (EFTSL) within a calendar year that is less than 0.125
  • students undertaking cross-institution studies at Monash who have, for the same period, paid a Student Services and Amenities Fee at their home institution upon provision of documentary evidence of such payment from their home institution
  • students undertaking joint degrees as part of formally established arrangements between Monash University and an overseas university/institution (eg. IITB PhD program)
  • students undertaking studies through Open Universities Australia (OUA)
  • student incoming at Monash as a host campus on Exchange or Study Abroad
  • Monash students outgoing on Study Abroad
  • students undertaking Diploma courses at Monash College.

11.2 Miscellaneous Fees

The Student and Education Business Services Division may charge the following fees:

11.2.1 Enrolment - Academic Record (digital and paper)

The digital version of the academic record (also known as a transcript or academic statement) is issued free at Graduation. Unofficial copies are available free from the Web Enrolment System (WES). Additional formal records (both digital and hard copy) are available on request upon payment of a fee. Digital versions are issued by Monash University through the My eQuals portal. If an additional formal hard copy transcript is requested at a Monash Connect counter, a revised fee applies for the extra service. Hard copy versions are issued via standard mail within Australia, but requests for courier or express or special overseas postage will incur additional charges.

11.2.2 Enrolment - Student letters

Applicable when students request short letters for use as:

  • proof of qualification
  • proof of enrolment
  • proof of graduation
  • date of graduation.

Students may request a non-standard letter which is customised for their specific needs. The fee covers the cost drafting of the letter, formatting to personal needs, content and compliance check.

11.2.3 Enrolment - Late Enrolment Fee

Applicable when a student has not completed enrolment or re-enrolment by the due date.

11.2.4 Enrolment - Late Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) Dispute

Applicable to late lodgement of a CAN dispute and necessary follow up action outside normal resolution timeframes.

11.2.5 Enrolment - Variation to Enrolment outside the current semester

Students have a number of opportunities each teaching period to check and amend their enrolment: via their fee statement, enrolment statement, Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN), results notice, and via the Web Enrolment System for extended periods of time. This fee only applies to students who request variation of enrolment for a prior teaching period.

11.2.6 Enrolment - Reinstatement of Enrolment after Invalidation

Applicable when a student who has had their enrolment invalidated, due to outstanding fees, and seeks to be reinstated.

11.2.7 Replacements - Identity Card

All students receive a free ID card. A fee is applicable for replacing a lost card; the fee is waived where students provide a police report which states that the card was part of property stolen from the student.

11.2.8 Examinations - Interstate/Overseas Examination Charge

Exam facilities are provided for all students studying on campus in Australia. A fee is applicable when students studying at Australian campuses request to undertake their exams interstate or at an offshore location. Requests in this category are only approved where a student is required to sit a deferred or supplementary exam in the January deferred and supplementary exam period, or has completed their course in semester one, but is required to sit an exam in the August deferred and supplementary exam period.

11.2.9 Examinations - Customised Examination Charge

Monash Examination centres have been established throughout Australia and overseas. This charge only applies when Distance Education (DE) students choose not to attend an exam centre established by Monash - where that centre is less than 150km travel from home - and where the student requests that a special exam venue be established for them.

11.2.10 Graduation - Attendance

There is a fee associated with graduation at a ceremony, primarily to cover gown hire, catering and other associated costs. Graduation "in absentia" is free

11.2.11 Graduation - Late application to graduate

Applicable when a student has not applied to graduate by the prescribed closing date. Late applications will be considered only if received one month or more prior to the scheduled date of the ceremony, and if the University is able to accommodate the late application

11.2.12 Graduation - Late change of graduation attendance mode to "Attending"

Applicable when a student has advised his/her intention to graduate "In absentia" but changes their request to the "Attending" mode after the prescribed closing date for applications. Applicable if the University is able to accommodate the extra attendee and guests at the scheduled ceremony.

11.2.13 Graduation - Extra guest ticket

A per ticket charge for any extra guest ticket(s) in addition to the 3 guest tickets allocated with the standard Graduation ceremony attendance fee. Subject to seating, catering and program availability at the scheduled ceremony.

11.2.14 Graduation - Postage of Testamur

Students who graduate in absentia may collect their testamur from Monash Connect at the Clayton Campus (and at other campuses upon arrangement) free of charge. Students graduating in absentia and who require their testamur to be posted to them will incur a charge.

11.2.15 Graduation - Testamur Replacement

Initial testamur is free. The fee is applicable for a replacement testamur.

11.2.16 Graduation - Testamur Replacement (name change)

Initial testamur is free. This fee is applicable for a replacement testamur for a name change including due to change in gender identification.

11.2.17 Graduation - AHEGS replacement

A digital version of the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is issued free at graduation. A fee is applicable for a hard copy version.

11.2.18 Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees

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