Cost of study

During your time at Monash, you can expect to incur some or all of these study-related costs.

Course fees

Student contribution amount for a:

  • Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)
  • Domestic full-fees
  • International full-fees

Amenities fees

Helps cover the cost of services provided to students.


You can buy these new or second hand or borrow them from the library.

Course or unit related equipment

For example laboratory coats, art equipment and technical implements.

See your unit guide or contact your faculty

Field trips, excursions and placements

Some courses require you to undertake field trips, excursions or placements. Some of these may have a cost.

See your unit guide or contact your faculty

Photocopying and printing

You may need to print assignments or reading materials. You can pay to use printers in the libraries and computer labs.

Library fines and penalties

Fines for overdue or lost library materials

Parking on campus

Permits, fines and metered parking

Miscellaneous fees

For example academic transcript, student letter, replacement ID card, graduation ceremony