Student Compassionate and Hardship Package

A high number of grant applications has led to a delay in processing. We're working hard to process all applications as soon as we can and appreciate your patience.

If you're experiencing financial hardship due to circumstances related to COVID-19, you may be eligible for the Compassionate and Hardship Package.

This $15 million package provides support to eligible students by offering three payment types:

  1. An emergency payment of up to $500
  2. A grant of up to $7000 (or $7500 in some cases)
  3. A grant of up to $5000 for students who have incurred costs due to early travel bans in China, Iran and Australia.

Please check the full eligibility criteria for each grant below.

For information on the Victorian Government's International Student Emergency Relief Fund, see student grants.

To learn more about Monash University's response to COVID-19 and other support measures we're offering, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 website.

Grant limits

The total amount available to any student is capped at $7500 from all hardship-related schemes offered by the University (including COVID-19 schemes).

Payments available

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