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FWFL Conference

Thursday 13 September
Clayton campus

About the conference

The FWFL conference will explore some of the megatrends disrupting the economy such as globalisation, automation and artificial intelligence. In addition to gaining valuable insights, students will also have the opportunity to engage with experiences aimed at developing strategies and practices that contribute to career success.


Session 1: Globalisation and Sustainability
10am - 12pm, Alexander Theatre

Keynote speakers:
Dr Simon Angus, Sarah Prescott - Thankyou Group, Ernst and Young

Session 2: Analytics, Automation & Artificial Intelligence **THIS SESSION IS FULL**
12.30 - 2.30pm, Alexander Theatre 

Keynote speakers:
Marita Cheng, Google,

Session 3 & 4: Workshops
3 - 5pm, Clayton campus

  • Skills for a global workplace
  • From PhD to industry
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Quiz a recruiter
  • Speed interviewing
  • Robotics

Globalisation and Sustainability

  • Dr. Simon Angus
    Associate Professor, Monash Business School

    Dr Simon Angus is a widely published, and active, complexity scientist and awarded educator and innovator, who has, for over a decade, kept complexity thinking front and centre of his approach to inspiring and equipping his students.
    He seeks to create deep and memorable learning experiences that will provide his students with ready-made conceptual touch-stones to navigate complexity beyond the classroom.

  • Sarah Prescott,
    Thankyou Group

    Sarah joined Thankyou in 2012 fresh from working in PR for a large Australian car manufacturer. With her head for strategy and a make-it-happen attitude, it’s no surprise she’s an absolute legend at leading the Marketing Team at Thankyou... all fuelled by the almighty latte.
    Sarah holds a Bachelor of Communications with a major in Public Relations from Monash University.

  • Katie Wood
    Consultant, EY

    Katie Wood is a sustainability consultant with Ernst & Young where she works with a wide range of organisations to improve their environmental, social and economic impact. She is a proud Monash alumnus who recently completed her Master’s of Business Economics. During her time as a Monash student, Katie participated in a wide range of programs and activities. This included work as a Research Assistant with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute which involved traveling to New York to present at Columbia University. Katie’s other activities include presenting as part of the Climate Reality Project and serving as the Schools Director for United Nations Youth Victoria.

Analytics, Automation & AI

  • Marita Cheng,
    founder and CEO of aubot (formerly 2Mar Robotics)

    Marita Cheng is the founder and CEO of Aubot (formerly 2Mar Robotics), which makes a telepresence robot, Teleport, for kids with cancer in hospital to attend school, people with a disability to attend work and to monitor and socialise with elderly people. As well as telepresence robots, Aubot does research and development in robotic arms, virtual reality and autonomous mapping and navigation.

    Aubot has been recognised on a global scale through the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2016.

  • Mark McDonald,
    Developer Relations at Google

    Currently working as an engineer in Google's Developer Relations organisation, Mark acts as a liaison between external developers and internal engineering teams and builds software to bridge any gaps. Previously he's worked on Google Maps, but his passion project is Santa Tracker, where his work has been used by millions of children and children-at-heart. He spent a few months in the Google Brain team in California working on TensorFlow & now spends his spare time teaching Googlers about machine learning and consults internally on how to use it effectively in products.

  • Dr. Richard George
    Data Science Principal,

    Richard started his first career as a research scientist (PhD bioinformatics) in academia and early stage biotech and, following an MBA and a stint in life-science venture capital investing, started his second career in strategy consulting. Prior to joining Faethm, Richard managed Advanced Analytics at Woolworths and led a team of developers and data scientists at Quantium.
    As the Chief Data Scientist at Faethm, Richard is now combining his skills and knowledge to build new products that will greatly benefit society.

Breakout sessions

    • Future Employment: Quiz a Recruiter

      Career success requires the ability to understand and navigate the recruitment process.

      This interactive panel session will feature a number of experts working as recruitment professionals who can provide insights into the typical process, new trends and strategies for success.

      First session: 3pm - 3.55pm
      Second session: 4pm - 5pm
      Location: 303 - LTB, 19 Ancora Imparo Way, Clayton campus

    • Future Employment: Speed Interviewing

      Interviews remain an important part of the recruitment process for many organisations.

      This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to answer interview questions and receive feedback about ways to improve your responses.

      This session is now full.

    • Beyond the Academy: From PhD to Industry

      PhD graduates apply their expertise in a wide range of settings.

      This panel session will feature individuals who have used a doctorate to forge a successful career outside of university. Learn from their experience as they present and answer questions.

      First session: 3pm - 3.55pm
      Second session: 4pm - 5pm
      Location: Alex Theatre, Clayton campus

    • Creating the Future: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

      Entrepreneurs create new products and services but also develop whole new industries that reshape the economy. Many existing organisations are embracing these same strategies and practices in order to succeed.

      This interactive panel session will feature entrepreneurs and those working within the innovation function of existing organisations.

      First session: 3pm - 3.55pm
      Second session: 4pm - 5pm
      Location: 203 - LTB, 19 Ancora Imparo Way, Clayton campus

    • A Global Outlook: Developing Intercultural Competence

      Organisations increasingly operate across national borders and with culturally diverse workforces.

      This workshop will help develop your intercultural competence to prepare you for success. Brought to you by the Monash Intercultural Lab and led by Dr Gabriel Garcia Ochoa with Dr Susan Carland.

      First session: 3pm - 3.55pm
      Second session: 4pm - 5pm
      Location: G31 - LTB, 19 Ancora Imparo Way, Clayton campus

    • Skills for the Future: Robotics

      Robots have been a feature of manufacturing and other industries for many years but are now being introduced into a wider range of settings.

      This workshop will provide you with a brief and hands-on introduction to the world of robotics.

      This session is now full.



    The conference is open to all students. Graduate research students will receive credit for the Monash Doctoral Program (hour-for-hour).