To be eligible to graduate, you must:

  • meet all your course requirements (student record must reflect this), including placements, practicums and internships - ask your faculty for details
  • pass enough units to achieve your course credit point totals
  • owe no fees or other charges to the University - see Fee non-payment (encumbrance).

We'll advise you if you're not eligible to graduate, and you'll need to contact your faculty. If your faculty hasn't signed off your course completion by about six weeks before the ceremony round, your application will be postponed to your faculty's next round.

Find out when you should apply to graduate.

Course completion

Your application to graduate is processed once you are course completed. This isn't the same as finishing your course.

To be course completed, your faculty must:

  1. finalise your marks
  2. check that you have met all the requirements of your course by enrolling in and passing all the required units.

If you're not course completed

If you don't get course completed, it may be because you failed a unit or you didn't take all of the right units to pass the course. In this case, the Graduations Unit will email you to advise that your graduation application will be automatically deferred to the next ceremony round. This gives you a chance to take the failed or missing units in the next teaching period.

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