Update, defer or cancel your application

You can check the status of your application and make changes using the view/update graduation application link in the Web Enrolment System (WES).

Update your contact details anytime

Coursework students

You can update your contact details in WES at any time. We need your current postal and email address to:

  • email confirmation of transactions and graduation details
  • post your official documents.

Update your application up to 30 days before your round

Current students Past students

After applying to graduate, you can use WES to update your application up to 30 days before your graduation round. During this time, you can:

  • update your alternative email address for graduation messages (we recommend an ongoing personal email address)
  • update how your name will appear on your certificate
  • change your graduation from attending to not attending (in absentia), or vice versa
  • defer your graduation to another round (if available).

Research degree students

If you've already been conferred, you won't be able to use WES to check on or update your application. Please submit your request to change or check your application using our enquiry form.

Defer or cancel your graduation application

Coursework students need to request to defer or cancel a graduation application up to around six weeks before their graduation round. Check the specific ceremony dates and deadlines for your round.

If you remain in the round after the deadline and you’re eligible to graduate, you’ll be conferred.

If there’s no suitable round for you to defer to, you’ll need to cancel your application and reapply when your preferred round becomes available in WES.

Cancelling your application

If you decide you would like to graduate in a later round, you need to cancel your graduation application. You can cancel your application by using our enquiry form.

If you don’t cancel your application by the refund deadline specified below, you won’t be eligible for a refund. However, you’ll still be able to change your graduation to another round (unless your application has already gone to University Council).

Ceremonies and the last day to cancel your application and make certain changes
2021 Ceremony Refund deadline
April (Malaysia) 19 March
May (Australia) 7 April
July (Australia) 4 June
July (Australia Awards)9 July
September/October (Australia) 20 August
December (Australia) 8 November

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