When to apply

Your award will be conferred in a graduation round and you'll receive your award certificate (testamur) later.

Apply to graduate as soon as possible

Most people want to graduate as soon as they can. If that’s your plan, then make sure to apply by your final teaching period (semester, trimester, term). You don't need to wait until you get your results. In fact, it could be too late to apply if your results arrive after graduation applications close.

You'll see the closing date and other deadlines when you select your graduation round. Start with the link below.

Apply to graduate

Your application won't be processed until you’re course completed.

For information on receiving your award certificate and other documents, see how to receive your documents.

If you don’t apply to graduate

We really encourage you to get your award certificate (testamur) and official graduation documents. You’ll find it handy to have this evidence of your award when applying for a job or future studies.

Coursework students

Once you're qualified to graduate, we'll email you at least twice to remind you to apply to graduate.

If you don't apply within a year or so of qualifying to graduate, we'll automatically graduate you in absentia. And we'll ask you to arrange to get your award certificate (testamur) and other documents.

Graduating with an alternative exit

You might like to opt for an alternative exit. This usually means taking a lower award such as a graduate diploma or certificate.

First check with your faculty that you're eligible for a course completion with an alternative exit.

Monash Business School students: Use the application for an alternative exit.

If your faculty approves the alternative exit, you can then choose this option in your graduation application.

Course and unit types

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