Counselling team

Our counsellors listen without judgement. They'll work with you to help you find the cause of the problem and identify solutions or ways to cope. They can also refer you to other services if you need them. You can see a counsellor who is male, female or an Ally (trained in the needs of LGBTIQ people).

Once you find a counsellor you'd like to talk to, you can book a telehealth (video or phone) appointment. Use the dropdown menu below to select the problem you need help with.

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Aisha Seedat–Timol

Andrea Jackson LGBTIQ Ally

Andrew Fitzpatrick LGBTIQ Ally

Brendan Lloyd LGBTIQ Ally

Carmen Steger

Chris Jenkin LGBTIQ Ally

Denis Nyaguy

Emily Prytula LGBTIQ Ally

Emily Rosenberg LGBTIQ Ally

Felicity Holmes

Freddy Peredo LGBTIQ Ally

Ganesh Ilango

James Shulman

Jamie Rundle

Jan-Louise Godfrey LGBTIQ Ally

Jennifer Clifton

Joyce Lee LGBTIQ Ally

Kara Boscarato LGBTIQ Ally

Krasi Kirova LGBTIQ Ally

Linda Russell LGBTIQ Ally

Lisa Peres

Luke Jankie

Martin Axelsson

Mary Jadresko (SECASA) Caulfield

Maya Feldman LGBTIQ Ally

Megan Williams

Michal Klein LGBTIQ Ally

Michele Bell

Michelle Dennerstein LGBTIQ Ally

Mio Ihashi LGBTIQ Ally

Monica Lizarazo LGBTIQ Ally

Languages spoken Portuguese, Spanish

Nikki Dahanayake LGBTIQ Ally

Patrick McLaren LGBTIQ Ally

Pushba Thangaraju

Samantha Goode (SECASA) Clayton

Sarah Glezer

Sherena Ismail LGBTIQ Ally

Sophia Gozzi LGBTIQ Ally