COVID-19 vaccinations

Monash University Health Services (UHS) is offering COVID-19 vaccinations for our staff, students and community members who meet the Australian Government’s current eligibility requirements.

In order to be vaccinated at UHS, you must hold a Medicare card. If you’re eligible but you don’t have a Medicare card, you can get the vaccine at a GP Respiratory Clinic.

About COVID-19 vaccines

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Things to consider before getting vaccinated

Before you book your vaccination, you should use the eligibility checker to see if you can get a COVID-19 vaccine now.

People with certain conditions may need additional precautions, such as staying for 30 minutes of observation after having their vaccine, or consulting an allergy specialist.

How to book your vaccination appointment at UHS

UHS is providing appointments for people aged 60 or over to get their first and second dose of the vaccine. If you received your first dose at a GP clinic off campus, you should return there for your second dose.

To book an appointment, call one of our on-campus clinics. Peninsula campus will commence vaccination appointments on Tuesday 13 July.

When you book an appointment, you’ll receive an online consent form to complete. If you haven’t attended UHS previously, you’ll need to complete a new patient registration form.

When you attend your appointment

  • Be on time for your appointment, and bring your ID card and Medicare card.
  • Go to the COVID reception counter to check in.
  • The receptionist will confirm your details and if this is your first dose, an appointment for a second dose will be made.
  • Take a seat in the waiting area.
  • The doctor or nurse will call you in for the consultation and vaccination.
  • After the vaccination, you’ll be provided with an information sheet and asked to wait in the observation space for 15 or 30 minutes as directed by the GP or nurse (higher risk patients must wait longer).
  • Alert the nurse or staff during the waiting time if you feel unwell at any point.
  • Leave at the allocated time and take note of the second dose appointment. It’s important that you get your second dose as scheduled.
  • If you can't attend your appointments as scheduled, please call us to rebook.

UHS is providing the vaccination clinics alongside our day-to-day operations, so we’ll be monitoring demand and extending schedules as needed.

If you have any questions: