Medical services

The University Health Services’ medical team offers a range of services, covering:

  • general medical consultations
  • wellness support (quit smoking, weight loss, stress management, drug and alcohol-related advice)
  • immunisations for placement, travel, seasonal flu and study abroad requirements
  • sports medicine
  • mental health
  • men’s health
  • women’s health/pregnancy advice, family planning and shared maternity care
  • referrals to specialists and pathology
  • sexual health
  • skin diseases
  • surgical procedures, including implanon and skin cancer management
  • paediatric and adolescent health
  • referrals to specialists and pathology.

Emergency and after-hours treatment

If you need to visit a doctor outside of normal business hours, see our emergency and after-hours medical contacts.

Under some circumstances, doctors can make home visits on weekends and after-hours. If you think you require a home visit, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Test results and reminders

It’s your responsibility to follow up on your test results, so make sure you discuss how you’d like to receive them with your doctor.

If your test results are abnormal, or we have any concerns, we’ll send you an SMS or email (so make sure we always have your current contact details). If this happens, you’ll need to either respond, or book a follow up visit (or telehealth consultation) with your doctor as soon as possible.

We’ll also place you on a reminder system to help you manage routine health requirements, including vaccinations and screening tests. If you’d prefer not to be on the reminder system, just let your doctor know.

Free 15-minute international student Telehealth checks

Moving to a new country and adjusting to life away from home can be very stressful. We know that a healthy lifestyle is critical to your academic success, so we're here to help.

An experienced nurse provides a free health check at the University Health services. Appointments can be in person or via phone or video (Telehealth). Book your free Telehealth check online, selecting the International Student Health Check appointment type, or call 03 9903 1177.

Sexual health

We provide a safe and confidential space for you to discuss your sexual health needs and concerns. Our doctors and nurses are highly professional and experienced in working with patients to address their concerns.

If you have a sexual health query or problem, you can check our sexual health resources or book an appointment (or telehealth consultation).