Unsatisfactory academic progress

Each year, for a range of reasons, some students will not make sufficient academic progress in their coursework. We have processes in place to help identify those students, and help them to take action sooner rather than later.

Understanding your academic progress requirements

All Monash students are required to demonstrate satisfactory course progression each year as governed by Part 4 of the Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations.

Monash IT reviews the academic progress of all students to assist them towards the successful completion of their course and, where necessary, directs them to the appropriate source of personal and/or academic assistance.

When satisfactory academic progress requirements are not being met

If students are not meeting satisfactory academic progress requirements, they may not be permitted to continue with their studies and can be excluded from their course. Monash IT has a number of processes in place to help identify these students as early as possible, and to support them in their efforts to improve their academic performance.