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Respect. Now. Always. Week 2021

About the week

Respectful Communities has delivered student-facing events on campus and online since 2018 as part of the Respect. Now. Always. (RNA) campaign.

During RNA Week in 2021, Respectful Communities focussed on educating students about bystander intervention and respectful relationships with the theme Donut Stand By – Step Up!

At each of the Monash University campuses in Australia, a team of student casuals and volunteers gave away delicious donuts and marvellous merchandise to fellow students who participated in our bystander intervention activity. In this activity, students learned about the importance of bystander intervention and three simple ways to be an active bystander. They were also presented with a scenario that required them to discuss how they could be an active bystander in that situation.

Additionally, almost 600 students signed our pledge to take an active role in interrupting and preventing sexual harassment and sexual violence both on campus and within the broader community, and to be an active bystander who will recognise and respond to problematic situations whenever they may arise.

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